Keynon Burns

This is a man who has been stalking me for a very long time. He reported me to Emory University to get me fired and doxed. He keeps fabricating fake posts about me where he made up lies and he calls me a racist to burn out my reputation.

This of calling people “racist” is now an instrument used by sociopaths and evil people to BULLY others for the most frivolous reasons. What did I do to this guy? Simple! I am gulty of having ignored his messages.

There is no way I do not fight back this and everyone should. If you have been called “a racist” just to attack you, since is a trend today, and if they bully you, you must FIGHT BACK!


Of course The Wheel didn’t lose the opportunity to slender White people like they always do in support of their Socialist non-sense. I will discuss many articles in the future that just shows the absurdity and the hypocrisy of this people but I want to start with one in particular that just got my attention.

First of all, the author Adesola Thomas, here a short bio about her:

“Green Book exploits diversity for White Audience”???? Wow! This angry Black person watched a beautiful movie that is supposed to entertain and by the way, described the Black hero in extremely positive terms, and she found a way to see the “White Supremacy” even here! Unbelievable!

America will never be at peace until we will have people like this lady that cannot enjoy a beautiful movie without poisoning it with their obsession with White Supremacy Conspiracy Theories and all the toxic ideology behind it. And let’s don’t forget that this is the same ideology that divided and totally destroyed any possibility for racial unity inside the post-Obama America.

But let’s go to see what this lady says in her article:

According to Ms. Adesola “marginalized individuals” have not been represented in stories in our past? Ms. Adesola is not familiar with the French Literature and Cinematography that from “Les Miserables” to the Italian Literature (that I know very well) is mostly about women and the marginalized. In all the European literature women and marginalized individuals always have been represented. Black people were not represented simply because they were no part of the history of Europe. I don’t know the American literature like I know the European literature but about the cinematography, I remember that since the 70s the American shows were very inclusive. One, in particular, was “roots” that were available in Italy as well with the title “Radici”. Later on, the American cinematographic industry became extremely inclusive and I don’t think I have ever seen an American show, here or in Europe, where numerous Black actors were not included in the cast. So, I really don’t know what is she talking about.

“A bigoted Italian-American ball buster”?? Where is the necessity to write the words “ball buster” and “Italian” in the same description? Being an Italian this association of words disturbs me; it seems to me like the revival of the negative stereotype associated with Italians (that we all know). Where was the necessity for Ms. Adesola to include the word “Italian” in the description? Seems like “racial profiling” to me! Now, let’s just try to see this same thing “in reverse” shall we? What if someone would say “a bigoted African-American ball buster”? Can you imagine the catastrophic, apocalyptic consequences for the despicable “White supremacist racist” who had dared to say so?? If he was a student at Emory they would have proudly ruined the entire academic career of that guy! But if Ms. Thomas says it about any other groups, that is fine.?? I don’t think I need to add anything more to that: people can judge by themselves.

The movie received “deserved backlashes” by whom? Always the same mob of Liberal artists that see White Supremacism everywhere and cannot just appreciate the simplicity of a story? These are people who never disagree with each other and have a sort of collective conscience like a colony of ants. “Rigid portrayal of Shirley and Vallelonga friendship”?? Shirley hired Vallelonga! So Vallelonga was working for him and many scenes were actually hilarious in showed intimacy! In spite of the fact that the relationship was a formal one like is usual between employer and employee. What else were they supposed to show? Then there is the “minimal exploration of Shirley sexuality”; how are they suppose to “further explore” Shirley’s sexuality and still keep it a movie non-forbidden for a younger audience? And finally, I am pretty sure that if the family of Shirley was White nobody would have cared (at all) if they had been “excluded by the filmmaking process”.

So, it seems that Ms. Thomas previously liked the movie. So what made her change her mind? It looks like she is justifies her first positive review with the fact that seeing “White exuberance during a movie about race” made her magically seeing the movie positively. But later on, she changed her mind. With all the respect it sounds like a nonsense.

Oh, this one is rich! First of all, someone who goes and sits in a movie theater watching a movie and their thoughts just goes from “White audience members” to “inclusive culture” and “people more receptive to a critique of racism in Toronto”, with all the respect, sounds someone who is paranoid to me. All those people sitting there they were no doing all those mental acrobatics about race I assure that. It really seems kind of obsessive for someone not being able to stop thinking, even for a second, in terms of race!

But the last part is the most interesting. Now she is saying that in the movie they should have trashed Whites more and that the movie was just made to made Whites feel better? Feel better about what? Most White people don’t feel guilty like you would like. Why they should? None of them enslaved your ancestors. They actually weren’t even born when all that slavery story happened. The guilty ones died a very long time ago.

Dulcis in fundo, she goes again to call the Italian guy “rambunctious, ignorant, Italian fella”! Oh, that precious! Let’s just celebrate the blatant double standard and the racism by visioning this nice stereotype about Italian people. Thank you Ms. Adesola that was awesome!

Oh really? She was not “arguing that films about race need to make the audience uncomfortable in order to be effective”? That is really bizarre because it looks she did exactly that from the first to the last sentence of her article.


Those are just few of the articles I found on The Wheel.

I don’t think that any comment is needed.


This is what Chess wrote; now someone has to tell me where is the point in writing in this awful article the schools where I supposely work or I have worked in the past. I can understand for the schools where they think I am working because they are trying to make it impossible for me to make a living. No surprise about that, in fact, we all know that Leftists are evil and ruthless individuals without any ethics or conscience; so really no surprise about that. What I really don’t understand is why Richard Chess published even the name of schools where I worked in the past?? I worked for GPC more than 10 years ago! What is he trying to do? To “punish” also those institutions for having hired me in the past?? This is mentally sick!

I hope those institutions sue this asshole for having written their names too in his hateful, anti-white, discriminatory and political article! There is no utility and no justification at all in writing the names of schools that don’t have anything to do and don’t know anything about my page! How awful!

I am trying to sue myself but I am not having much luck in finding an attorney. I am even thinking to stand in trial by myself. I think I can do it. I can easily prove that more than half of the things written in this article are not true and that most post have been picked and taken out of contest (seems that Socialist pseudo-journalists are really good at that!). I can also prove that the motivation of such a harsh article are only to slander my name because of my opinions and the entire motivations behind this article are highly MALICIOUS.

And lastly this! Another Joke! Keynon Burns only did that out of rage because I did not want to talk to him. This guy is not concerned about racism, in fact, he calls himself “Black Republican” and in his videos on YouTube he Praises “White Supremacy”! – Something that I don’t agree since to me “White Supremacy” is a lie fabricated for purely political reasons.


I will show many articles written on The Wheel when is crystal clear that those RACISTS hate White people. That is exactly the reason why they have been so harsh with me: because I am White.

I will show you many blatant double standards where not only White people are constantly disrespected by The Wheel (and the Emory culture) but also other non-black groups are.

Let’s just start with the article they wrote about me and then move on with other material:

First of all “racist” is just their opinion, in fact I believe that they are the racists. It is just a question of semanthyc: so how come am I racist for loving and defending my people? Isn’t that natural? Isn’t a double standard that is ok for every other race to love and be proud of their people but not for me? Aren’t double standards wrong?

So now all around the world we see some very contraddictory tendencies, for example: White people are slandered and constantly called “supremacist”, “patriarchy”, “racist” and so on and so forth. On the other side you see something that is blatanty in contraddiction with that: a very large number of non-White people want to emigrate into White countries.

I am not saying that all non-White hate Whites as there are always exceptions, what I am saying is that how come so many non-Whites openly support an anti-White narrative and at the same time they want to move into majority White countries and so be in contact with those same Whites that they find so despicable?

How many non-White countries do you think would happily accept immigrants who dislike them and show them the middle fingers? Probably ZERO. So why should be ok for Whites to take them?

Islam? Islamists are doing a “Great Jihad” against the West. That means that they will bread Whites out of existence and as soon as they will be a majority (or close to that) they will overthrow the governments of the host countries, they will implement Sharia Law and they will kill (yes kill) dissidents as they have done for almost two thousand years. You have to be a fool for not seeing what is coming. Imams all around the world are just saying that out loud in our faces that! And you want to make me feel guilty because I love my people and I hate who wants to destroy them? You gotta be KIDDING me!

You did not give an answer to that. Why don’t you answer? “How do you walk 3,000 miles without food and support and arrive at the border in your best shape and even with a working cell phone???” . Obviously someone is supporting that. So it is POLITICAL. Let’s don’t forget to tell this simple fact ok?

How the Wheel at Emory University discriminates and abuses (White) people – Part 4 –

So this is the article published by Richard Chess and posted on Google so everyone can find it. Let’s just go trough of the lies there are in there just to see what those people are capable of.

Here the link and following a discussion about it in the next post:

How the Wheel at Emory University discriminates and abuses (White) people – Part 3 –

Next day Keynon Burns called Emory, I received an e-mail from The Wheel where they told me “they had to ask me a few questions about my minds profile”. Look just at the arrogance of those people! They talk like if they hold some kind of authority over free citizens! “They have to ask me a few questions???” who they think they are? The police? The Gestapo? The SS? The NAZI?? They probably are! Like if we don’t have the freedom to express the opinion that we want! How arrogant! They are nothing but a bunch of arrogant bullies!

I refused and after a couple of days they published an article full of lies (and now I am going to go through that paragraph after paragraph).

First of all let me tell you that the person who signed this article, and his name is Richard Chess didn’t even verify that the profile on Minds was mine! I did not confirm that that minds profile was mine! But they went ahead and they published their “character assassination” article about me right away even before to verify the facts, just lead by their uncontrollable rage! What if the minds profile wasn’t mine?? I don’t know how is even possible to trust crazy people like that to even write in a newspaper!

I am honestly ok with the fact of being been fired, because I do believe in a capitalistic system and I think that whoever owns a company has the right to hire and to fire whoever they want for whatever reason they want. What I do not agree is the “character assassination” carried on by those Social Justice Warriors; especially for three reasons:

  1. I have the right to express my opinion wathever it is; we are not in the Soviet Union (yet) and write an article like that just for having expressed my opinions pacifically out of my workplace is just evil.
  2. The article they wrote is plenty of lies and omissions. They severely miscaracterized the truth. Those people, from the top of their arrogance went down monts and months in my profile, picking and choose among posts I have posted one year before! Do you want an example? They say that “I am against immigration”; how can I be anti-immigration when I am myself an immigrant from Italy?? I became a proud America citizen just one year ago! In fact is blatantly NOT TRUE! I am against ILLEGAL immigration! So this is already a big lie by omission and can give you an idea about the kind of ethics this people have! (the real problem is that I support Donald Trump, fear and square!)
  3. Those people are a bunch of hypocrites! In fact just by doing a simple search in Google with the search key “Emory lawsuits” would give you a very long list of abuses, discrimination and retaliation done by Emory University against a multitude of people! They even discriminated Jewish students from years according to one of the many articles I found on-line! (and that I will report here one by one).

What I want is that who finds my name on-line by searching on Google will be also able to find this website with my version of the facts, since Emory newspaper just slander my name with a lot of lies (and I can prove it).

Some asked me why I don’t sue. I am looking into it but being not rich or connected with the rich it is no easy and my statue of limitation is only six months. From the top of their arrogance, at Emory they know that! Justice is not really justice if only who can hire an expensive attorney can get their way. I may start a gofund me account and see where that leads. I don’t know what else to do, other that keep telling the truth about this horrible company and post it on line to warn others.

How the Wheel at Emory University discriminates and abuses (White) people – part 2

Since I was constantly blocked by FaceBook – I don’t know if anyone noticed that the freedom of speech is under serious attack in the United States of America?? – I opened an account on a platform that seems don’t penalize people for their opinion as long as they don’t write anything against the law of the United States.

This platform’s name is and my channel name over there is (ironically) “Freedom of Speech”. I have also used my name because I have never felt even for a second that I was writing anything wrong and that I have to hide (like sadly many people have to do in order to preserve their jobs and their assets – and that is enraging and ridiculous!).

One day I entered in contact with another user, a black guy who was under the nickname of “Black republican” (that’s the name he has also in his YouTube channel). I don’t know why this guy, who says to be a Republican did something like that, but I think is because I stopped to answer his messages.

Keynon Burns is the real name of “Black Republican” according to the article from The Wheel. How do I know that Black Republican and Keynon Burns are the same person? I know it because Black Republican contacted me on and asked me if I was working for Emory University (he probably run a Google search about me) and just 24 hours later I have been contacted by The Wheel – the student newspaper at Emory University – with the accusation of being an “extreme blogger” in their opinion.

Keynon Burns also published a fake review about me, here following:

Fake Review from Keynon Burns

As soon as I receive the review from Google, I answered immediately by telling the truth (that is always the best politics) and that I had never had any student with that name and that I had no idea who Keynon Burns was.

After I wrote such, Burns deleted his review, but luckily I took a screenshoot of it.

Now what I am wondering is just that, can you imagine how a man like that could do to a woman who dares to break up with him? When he tried repeadly to destroy my life and my reputation just because I did not answered his messages??

How the Wheel at Emory University discriminates and abuses (White) people – Part 1



I decided to come forward and tell my story publicly to denounce Emory University and in particular The Wheel, their Socialist newspaper because of their arrogance and dishonesty. This people eventually think they are above the law because they have a bunch of money and attorneys and so they think it’s ok to abuse people. Anyway, this is still the United States of America and I am entitled at my opinion and I will do my best to post it out there as much visible as I can.

But let’s start from the beginning, here’s my story: I am an Italian teacher with almost 13 years of experience in teaching in the Atlanta area. At some point, I applied as an instructor at Emory Continuing Education that is a section of Emory University that teach classes to adults. I could not apply as a professor at Emory University because I don’t hold a Ph.D. but only a Master at the moment. They hired me to teach classes and they called me in to partecipate in the orientation and meet other instructors. During the meeting with multiple people they didn’t say a word about the paycheck and so I decide to ask just after the meeting. With my surprise I found out that they were seeking to hire people who could teach classes for free. I sent an e-mail explaining that I cannot afford to work for free and so I did not accept the job. After a few days they asked me if they could pay me $35 per lesson and I accepted at the condition that they paid me $50 per lesson. It is just unbelievable that a company like Emory that has millions, if not billions of dollars trying to make instructors work for free. And apart from that, I had to jump through hoops to get paid! First of all, I discover at the moment to receive my first paycheck that they don’t pay weekly, they don’t pay biweekly, they actually don’t even pay monthly! They pay you at the end of the semester! So basically you teach classes for at least 3 months (or more) without to see one cent! Can you believe that that comes from a multimillion dollar corporation? Me neither!

The past summer I had an accident and I needed cash to fix my car; well, I started teaching in January 2017 and I have been paid in July for that! That gives you immediately an idea about the kind of people we are dealing with because honest people don’t behave like that! If people didn’t need a paycheck to pay their bills, they wouldn’t go to work right? Emory simple does not care.

Also, hiring instructors as contractors are just a way to avoid paying social security, and that is already a fraud per se if you ask me. I have been paid at the end of January 2018 for the classes I thaught starting back in October 2017.

In spite of all that, I truly love to teach and, probably because of the high rates I have always had among my students, they proposed me to teach 5 more classes for the following semester. Here following the rates that I always show with pride since teaching is the joy of my life and I only feel sorry I couldn’t even say bye bye to my very nice students, because of what happened after a few days.

The evaluations are done by the students and then the University condenses them in one document.

Students written feedback

I have taught Italian grammar classes and Italian cultural and historical classes such as “Ancient Romans History” and “Italian Opera Appreciation”.