How the Wheel at Emory University discriminates and abuses (White) people – part 2

Since I was constantly blocked by FaceBook – I don’t know if anyone noticed that the freedom of speech is under serious attack in the United States of America?? – I opened an account on a platform that seems don’t penalize people for their opinion as long as they don’t write anything against the law of the United States.

This platform’s name is and my channel name over there is (ironically) “Freedom of Speech”. I have also used my name because I have never felt even for a second that I was writing anything wrong and that I have to hide (like sadly many people have to do in order to preserve their jobs and their assets – and that is enraging and ridiculous!).

One day I entered in contact with another user, a black guy who was under the nickname of “Black republican” (that’s the name he has also in his YouTube channel). I don’t know why this guy, who says to be a Republican did something like that, but I think is because I stopped to answer his messages.

Keynon Burns is the real name of “Black Republican” according to the article from The Wheel. How do I know that Black Republican and Keynon Burns are the same person? I know it because Black Republican contacted me on and asked me if I was working for Emory University (he probably run a Google search about me) and just 24 hours later I have been contacted by The Wheel – the student newspaper at Emory University – with the accusation of being an “extreme blogger” in their opinion.

Keynon Burns also published a fake review about me, here following:

Fake Review from Keynon Burns

As soon as I receive the review from Google, I answered immediately by telling the truth (that is always the best politics) and that I had never had any student with that name and that I had no idea who Keynon Burns was.

After I wrote such, Burns deleted his review, but luckily I took a screenshoot of it.

Now what I am wondering is just that, can you imagine how a man like that could do to a woman who dares to break up with him? When he tried repeadly to destroy my life and my reputation just because I did not answered his messages??

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