How the Wheel at Emory University discriminates and abuses (White) people – Part 3 –

Next day Keynon Burns called Emory, I received an e-mail from The Wheel where they told me “they had to ask me a few questions about my minds profile”. Look just at the arrogance of those people! They talk like if they hold some kind of authority over free citizens! “They have to ask me a few questions???” who they think they are? The police? The Gestapo? The SS? The NAZI?? They probably are! Like if we don’t have the freedom to express the opinion that we want! How arrogant! They are nothing but a bunch of arrogant bullies!

I refused and after a couple of days they published an article full of lies (and now I am going to go through that paragraph after paragraph).

First of all let me tell you that the person who signed this article, and his name is Richard Chess didn’t even verify that the profile on Minds was mine! I did not confirm that that minds profile was mine! But they went ahead and they published their “character assassination” article about me right away even before to verify the facts, just lead by their uncontrollable rage! What if the minds profile wasn’t mine?? I don’t know how is even possible to trust crazy people like that to even write in a newspaper!

I am honestly ok with the fact of being been fired, because I do believe in a capitalistic system and I think that whoever owns a company has the right to hire and to fire whoever they want for whatever reason they want. What I do not agree is the “character assassination” carried on by those Social Justice Warriors; especially for three reasons:

  1. I have the right to express my opinion wathever it is; we are not in the Soviet Union (yet) and write an article like that just for having expressed my opinions pacifically out of my workplace is just evil.
  2. The article they wrote is plenty of lies and omissions. They severely miscaracterized the truth. Those people, from the top of their arrogance went down monts and months in my profile, picking and choose among posts I have posted one year before! Do you want an example? They say that “I am against immigration”; how can I be anti-immigration when I am myself an immigrant from Italy?? I became a proud America citizen just one year ago! In fact is blatantly NOT TRUE! I am against ILLEGAL immigration! So this is already a big lie by omission and can give you an idea about the kind of ethics this people have! (the real problem is that I support Donald Trump, fear and square!)
  3. Those people are a bunch of hypocrites! In fact just by doing a simple search in Google with the search key “Emory lawsuits” would give you a very long list of abuses, discrimination and retaliation done by Emory University against a multitude of people! They even discriminated Jewish students from years according to one of the many articles I found on-line! (and that I will report here one by one).

What I want is that who finds my name on-line by searching on Google will be also able to find this website with my version of the facts, since Emory newspaper just slander my name with a lot of lies (and I can prove it).

Some asked me why I don’t sue. I am looking into it but being not rich or connected with the rich it is no easy and my statue of limitation is only six months. From the top of their arrogance, at Emory they know that! Justice is not really justice if only who can hire an expensive attorney can get their way. I may start a gofund me account and see where that leads. I don’t know what else to do, other that keep telling the truth about this horrible company and post it on line to warn others.

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