Of course The Wheel didn’t lose the opportunity to slender White people like they always do in support of their Socialist non-sense. I will discuss many articles in the future that just shows the absurdity and the hypocrisy of this people but I want to start with one in particular that just got my attention.

First of all, the author Adesola Thomas, here a short bio about her:

“Green Book exploits diversity for White Audience”???? Wow! This angry Black person watched a beautiful movie that is supposed to entertain and by the way, described the Black hero in extremely positive terms, and she found a way to see the “White Supremacy” even here! Unbelievable!

America will never be at peace until we will have people like this lady that cannot enjoy a beautiful movie without poisoning it with their obsession with White Supremacy Conspiracy Theories and all the toxic ideology behind it. And let’s don’t forget that this is the same ideology that divided and totally destroyed any possibility for racial unity inside the post-Obama America.

But let’s go to see what this lady says in her article:

According to Ms. Adesola “marginalized individuals” have not been represented in stories in our past? Ms. Adesola is not familiar with the French Literature and Cinematography that from “Les Miserables” to the Italian Literature (that I know very well) is mostly about women and the marginalized. In all the European literature women and marginalized individuals always have been represented. Black people were not represented simply because they were no part of the history of Europe. I don’t know the American literature like I know the European literature but about the cinematography, I remember that since the 70s the American shows were very inclusive. One, in particular, was “roots” that were available in Italy as well with the title “Radici”. Later on, the American cinematographic industry became extremely inclusive and I don’t think I have ever seen an American show, here or in Europe, where numerous Black actors were not included in the cast. So, I really don’t know what is she talking about.

“A bigoted Italian-American ball buster”?? Where is the necessity to write the words “ball buster” and “Italian” in the same description? Being an Italian this association of words disturbs me; it seems to me like the revival of the negative stereotype associated with Italians (that we all know). Where was the necessity for Ms. Adesola to include the word “Italian” in the description? Seems like “racial profiling” to me! Now, let’s just try to see this same thing “in reverse” shall we? What if someone would say “a bigoted African-American ball buster”? Can you imagine the catastrophic, apocalyptic consequences for the despicable “White supremacist racist” who had dared to say so?? If he was a student at Emory they would have proudly ruined the entire academic career of that guy! But if Ms. Thomas says it about any other groups, that is fine.?? I don’t think I need to add anything more to that: people can judge by themselves.

The movie received “deserved backlashes” by whom? Always the same mob of Liberal artists that see White Supremacism everywhere and cannot just appreciate the simplicity of a story? These are people who never disagree with each other and have a sort of collective conscience like a colony of ants. “Rigid portrayal of Shirley and Vallelonga friendship”?? Shirley hired Vallelonga! So Vallelonga was working for him and many scenes were actually hilarious in showed intimacy! In spite of the fact that the relationship was a formal one like is usual between employer and employee. What else were they supposed to show? Then there is the “minimal exploration of Shirley sexuality”; how are they suppose to “further explore” Shirley’s sexuality and still keep it a movie non-forbidden for a younger audience? And finally, I am pretty sure that if the family of Shirley was White nobody would have cared (at all) if they had been “excluded by the filmmaking process”.

So, it seems that Ms. Thomas previously liked the movie. So what made her change her mind? It looks like she is justifies her first positive review with the fact that seeing “White exuberance during a movie about race” made her magically seeing the movie positively. But later on, she changed her mind. With all the respect it sounds like a nonsense.

Oh, this one is rich! First of all, someone who goes and sits in a movie theater watching a movie and their thoughts just goes from “White audience members” to “inclusive culture” and “people more receptive to a critique of racism in Toronto”, with all the respect, sounds someone who is paranoid to me. All those people sitting there they were no doing all those mental acrobatics about race I assure that. It really seems kind of obsessive for someone not being able to stop thinking, even for a second, in terms of race!

But the last part is the most interesting. Now she is saying that in the movie they should have trashed Whites more and that the movie was just made to made Whites feel better? Feel better about what? Most White people don’t feel guilty like you would like. Why they should? None of them enslaved your ancestors. They actually weren’t even born when all that slavery story happened. The guilty ones died a very long time ago.

Dulcis in fundo, she goes again to call the Italian guy “rambunctious, ignorant, Italian fella”! Oh, that precious! Let’s just celebrate the blatant double standard and the racism by visioning this nice stereotype about Italian people. Thank you Ms. Adesola that was awesome!

Oh really? She was not “arguing that films about race need to make the audience uncomfortable in order to be effective”? That is really bizarre because it looks she did exactly that from the first to the last sentence of her article.

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