I will show many articles written on The Wheel when is crystal clear that those RACISTS hate White people. That is exactly the reason why they have been so harsh with me: because I am White.

I will show you many blatant double standards where not only White people are constantly disrespected by The Wheel (and the Emory culture) but also other non-black groups are.

Let’s just start with the article they wrote about me and then move on with other material:

First of all “racist” is just their opinion, in fact I believe that they are the racists. It is just a question of semanthyc: so how come am I racist for loving and defending my people? Isn’t that natural? Isn’t a double standard that is ok for every other race to love and be proud of their people but not for me? Aren’t double standards wrong?

So now all around the world we see some very contraddictory tendencies, for example: White people are slandered and constantly called “supremacist”, “patriarchy”, “racist” and so on and so forth. On the other side you see something that is blatanty in contraddiction with that: a very large number of non-White people want to emigrate into White countries.

I am not saying that all non-White hate Whites as there are always exceptions, what I am saying is that how come so many non-Whites openly support an anti-White narrative and at the same time they want to move into majority White countries and so be in contact with those same Whites that they find so despicable?

How many non-White countries do you think would happily accept immigrants who dislike them and show them the middle fingers? Probably ZERO. So why should be ok for Whites to take them?

Islam? Islamists are doing a “Great Jihad” against the West. That means that they will bread Whites out of existence and as soon as they will be a majority (or close to that) they will overthrow the governments of the host countries, they will implement Sharia Law and they will kill (yes kill) dissidents as they have done for almost two thousand years. You have to be a fool for not seeing what is coming. Imams all around the world are just saying that out loud in our faces that! And you want to make me feel guilty because I love my people and I hate who wants to destroy them? You gotta be KIDDING me!

You did not give an answer to that. Why don’t you answer? “How do you walk 3,000 miles without food and support and arrive at the border in your best shape and even with a working cell phone???” . Obviously someone is supporting that. So it is POLITICAL. Let’s don’t forget to tell this simple fact ok?

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