This is what Chess wrote; now someone has to tell me where is the point in writing in this awful article the schools where I supposely work or I have worked in the past. I can understand for the schools where they think I am working because they are trying to make it impossible for me to make a living. No surprise about that, in fact, we all know that Leftists are evil and ruthless individuals without any ethics or conscience; so really no surprise about that. What I really don’t understand is why Richard Chess published even the name of schools where I worked in the past?? I worked for GPC more than 10 years ago! What is he trying to do? To “punish” also those institutions for having hired me in the past?? This is mentally sick!

I hope those institutions sue this asshole for having written their names too in his hateful, anti-white, discriminatory and political article! There is no utility and no justification at all in writing the names of schools that don’t have anything to do and don’t know anything about my page! How awful!

I am trying to sue myself but I am not having much luck in finding an attorney. I am even thinking to stand in trial by myself. I think I can do it. I can easily prove that more than half of the things written in this article are not true and that most post have been picked and taken out of contest (seems that Socialist pseudo-journalists are really good at that!). I can also prove that the motivation of such a harsh article are only to slander my name because of my opinions and the entire motivations behind this article are highly MALICIOUS.

And lastly this! Another Joke! Keynon Burns only did that out of rage because I did not want to talk to him. This guy is not concerned about racism, in fact, he calls himself “Black Republican” and in his videos on YouTube he Praises “White Supremacy”! – Something that I don’t agree since to me “White Supremacy” is a lie fabricated for purely political reasons.

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